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Capture Powerful Information by Offering Our Guest Access WiFi Solution

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How does it work?

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Konnectifi WiFi is so easy to use you don’t need any technical knowledge to get underway. Within a week of placing an order you will be able to offer free or paid guest WiFi access to your customers!


We’re also partnered with all leading Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers, meaning we can usually configure your system remotely and, if not, we’ll send you an easy-to-install router.


There are four easy to follow steps – once you’ve installed your router, all you need to do is follow these four simple steps and you’ll be off.

1. Log in

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Provide a log in page your customers can access. This is so simple to do using our intuitive Konnectifi portal. It is highly customizable meaning you can add your brand, photos and even voucher or discount codes for your venue!

2. Collect info

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Konnectifi collects customer data in a safe, secure and legal manner. We collect details like email addresses, customers “likes” via facebook and age/gender, which you can then use to provide a better service to your clients. For example, you can provide them vouchers on their birthday!

3. Report

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Your marketing manager or team will love the in depth analytics about who is visiting your venue! Our system reports on a whole range of customer data, allowing you respond to your customer profile, and build highly customized marketing campaigns.

4. Promote

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Once you know who your customers are, you can begin to send promotional emails to different customer segments. Choose a template, drag and drop images and text into position and turn on, it’s really simple.

What are the benefits?

Konnectifi offers a powerful solution that enables you to collect powerful information and data about who visits your establishments.

Data Capture

Customers can log onto your Wi-Fi through their social profile, or via an email based contact form, giving you an insight into who they are – age, gender, interests

Email your customers

Add your newly captured data straight in to your email marketing platform and send highly targeted campaigns, split by user profiles

More Facebook Likes

To access the Wi-Fi with Facebook, people ``like`` your page, giving you a powerful social media boost

Seamless Guest Log In

Your guests only need to register once. They will be automatically logged on when they visit you again

Analytics Reporting

We filter the data gathered by your system and convert it into easy-to-use customer insights and reports which you can access whenever, wherever

Relevant Messages to your Customers

Our user-friendly marketing tool-kit allows you to set up vouchers to send to customers based on their birthday, visit frequency and other key dates

Want to try it out?

Take us up on our free 21 day trial offer

We always offer a no obligation, free 21 day trial of Konnectifi to all businesses so you can try the solution before you buy. We will simply post the equipment out to you fully configured and if you are happy you simply keep the equipment. If you feel as though Konnectifi has not worked for you or your business, then you simply pay for the shipping back to us.


Konnectifi WiFi is priced competitively. At Konnectifi, we enable you to pay monthly for your subscription and, because you’re able to market to your customers using the data you collect, it quickly pays for itself and helps retain customers rather than spending needlessly on expensive advertising campaigns.

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Hear from current users

Konnectifi installed the public access WiFi solution at Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Watch the video to learn more about how the free WiFi solution works and hear from Julie, the Centre Manager, on the benefits it will have.

WiFi for Shopping Centres
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