06 Apr The next big thing in digital marketing: Social Wifi

Barely a month goes by without the introduction of some hot new trend, or big new thing in the world of marketing but really, the seasoned amongst us will know that the true nature of marketing has never changed.

Marketing is all about getting to the heart of what your core target market wants, packaging it in the way they need, adding a little something extra that the competitors don’t and making sure you’re in time with the market…Google Glass is at risk of being a little ahead of its time on this one!

So, if the premise of marketing hasn’t changed, what has? The answer to this question is almost always the technology.

From newspapers and bill boards, SMS marketing and email campaigns through to social media and now Social WiFi, the way in which and in fact the speed in which we can connect with and now engage with our target market has developed dramatically.

Social media opened up the gates to real time customer insight and more than that, it levelled the playing fields: SMEs with limited budgets now have the potential to reach as many customers as the largest corporates with the biggest budgets. This particular shift has added to the threat to direct and push marketing…now dubbed as spam. Enter, Social WiFi.

Having instant and direct access and two-way engagement with our customers has forced us all to up our game! It’s no longer about sending out marketing messages: it’s about building meaningful connections; providing experiences that introduce our brands and driving engagement through content people want to like, share and promote.

Social WiFi is taking this to the next level by giving marketers even more powerful information. We’re not talking here about an abstract number of followers or likes on a page. We’re talking here about real time data regarding the people coming in and out of your outlet whether that’s a store, a gym, an event etc. We can see how many men vs. women we attract, what ages people are, what they do when they’re here. We can contact people on their first, fifth or one hundredth visit!

The information available is absolutely amazing and this is just the beginning.

It’s an exciting journey we’re about to go on and at Konnectifi, we’re keen to explore this as it happens and bring you the latest insight, intel and ideas on what to do to make the most of this in a way your customers will value.

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