Digital marketing

15 Sep 5 reasons your digital marketing strategy is failing

A digital marketing revolution is underway, but unless you’re an expert in the field (and even they are often surprised by the latest developments!) you might find it challenging to keep up, know how digital marketing techniques can apply to your establishment and, more importantly, whether or not they are working.

Here’s 5 reasons why your digital marketing strategy may not be as effective as you would like it to be:

  1. Lack of engagement

The key to building a successful digital marketing campaign is creating a sense of engagement with your customers. Although social media or paid advertising can easily be used as a way to simply push marketing messages out there and just talk at your customers, you need to start a conversation with them to really make an impact. Use social media to ask your customers questions, respond to the answers and give them something to interact with.


  1. Lack of consistency

Social media is a 24/7 industry; it is constantly updated and if you post an update one day, it most likely becomes invisible the day after. Maintaining a strong presence on social media is key for improving your digital marketing strategy, and that means committing to posting regularly. This keeps up brand visibility as well as providing more opportunities for your customers to engage with what you post.


  1. Lack of content

When using the internet, people see incessant advertisements, sales messages and marketing campaigns amongst endless amounts of information; this means that for your brand to stand out, you need to give the consumer something that interests them. Whether it’s a great image, article or simply a fun fact or statistic, content marketing is the future, and will be the difference between you getting noticed or blending in to the digital background.


  1. Lack of objectives

Doing digital marketing for the sake of it won’t work; you need to think about who your target audience is, what your overall aims and objectives are as a business and what you need to do to achieve them, and then tailor your digital marketing strategy to these. Aligning your marketing strategy with your business development enhances the power of both and means you can spread your brand’s message more efficiently and effectively.


  1. Lack of personality

Whereas marketing used to be from B2B or B2C, in the age of digital marketing it is H2H that counts: human to human. In a digital environment where everything seems to become faceless and anonymous, bringing a personality to your brand and evoking it through your digital marketing is extremely important for you to capture your audience’s interest. Think about how your brand would communicate with its customers if it were a person, and the story you want to tell, and all you need to do is use digital media to tell it.

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