5 ways Konnectifi can prevent empty tables in your restaurant

10 Sep 5 ways Konnectifi can prevent empty tables in your restaurant

We all know that a vital part of what makes a great restaurant that people love to visit again and again is creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere; something that is extremely difficult to achieve when your restaurant is seeing a high number of empty tables. You might already be considering installing WiFi in your restaurant, but may not be aware of the larger potential benefits that it can offer, especially regarding bringing in those hungry diners. At Konnectifi, we specialise in public access WiFi that your customers can log in to via a social network of their choosing, which means a vast number of benefits for you as well as free internet access for your customers. Here’s 5 ways that Konnectifi can prevent empty tables in your restaurant:

  1. It spreads the word.

There is no better incentive for new customers to visit your restaurant than a recommendation from a friend; with Konnectifi WiFi solutions, your diners are able to instantly take a photo of the delicious food you are serving them, stick a fancy Instagram filter over the top to make it look even more delectable, and share it to their entire social network on a platform like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to encourage interest in your restaurant from those who see it.

  1. It lets you reward your customers.

One of the great features of Konnectifi WiFi is that you are able to push your latest deals, offers and promotions directly to your customers’ mobiles, either whilst they are dining or via email after their visit. Everyone loves a discount, and engaging with your customers by giving them a reward like 20% off the bill next time they eat with you is a simple but effective way to build a strong relationship and encourage diner loyalty.

  1. You can tailor your promotions.

Not only can you send promotions directly to your customers, you can use the data that our WiFi systems provide to get to know them a little better. For example, if the reports you receive from your WiFi show that there’s a lack of students in your restaurant on a Sunday, you could reach that target market by offering a special student discount on Sunday evenings, encouraging more of that demographic to visit and therefore increase your overall footfall.

  1. Build your audience.

When your customers log in to your WiFi system through a social network like Facebook, they are required to input their email addresses. Over time, this means you are provided with a valuable email database of actual existing customers, which you can then design an email marketing strategy for. We are partners with Digitia, a digital marketing agency, which means that we can offer a comprehensive service where you not only receive data from our quality WiFi systems, but can also receive consultation on how to use that data effectively to increase your number of diners.

  1. Gain invaluable feedback.

Word of mouth is a particularly important consideration for restaurants; if a customer has a bad experience, it can not only prevent them from returning, but their advice could affect how the people in their network feel about your restaurant too. With Konnectifi public access WiFi, you can send customer surveys or feedback forms directly to their inbox after their meals, asking about their experience and also providing you with a digital channel to react to it. That means, even if a diner did leave your restaurant unsatisfied with your service, your ability to rectify the situation, take the feedback on board and perhaps offer an incentive for them to return (such as a discount or voucher code) could turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. These are just some of the ways that our WiFi solutions can help prevent empty tables in your restaurant. By combining powerful internet access, with invaluable customer insight and an effective marketing strategy, you could turn those empty tables into fully booked ones. For more information on Konnectifi WiFi, simply email us at hello@konnectifi.com.


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