Digitia to Power KBR’s Geo Marketing Revolution

23 Jun Digitia to Power KBR’s Geo Marketing Revolution

Digitia has been selected as KBR’s official partner to launch the company’s innovative new product – Konnectifi Social WiFi.

KBR, a leading company in the design and build of innovative wireless networks, has selected Digitia, a growing digital marketing agency, to help launch their WiFi  based solution: ‘Konnectifi’.

Konnectifi is a Social WiFi solution that allows businesses to provide free public access WiFi whilst gaining powerful marketing intelligence in return.

In partnership, KBR and Digitia will launch Konnectifi Social WiFi into the mainstream hospitality, hotelier and outdoor event sectors.

Robin Price, Managing Director of KBR said: “This partnership is very powerful. Where KBR specialise in WiFi technology, Digitia specialise in digital marketing solutions. By combining our expertise, we’re able to offer something very special to our clients: the technology and strategies to leverage Social WiFi for the benefit of everyone.”

“Social WiFi is a new technology but we’re already pushing the boundaries of what it can do and recently used it to power free WiFi access outdoors, at the Pearl Izumi Tour series cycling event in Durham.”

This new partnership reflects the latest shift towards ‘geo’ or ‘proximity’ marketing in which companies can market to people based on their geography and proximity to an event or location.

Lisa Bean, Founder of Digitia said: “This is an exciting and strategically important partnership for Digitia. Marketing effectively to large groups of people is one of our strengths and the introduction of Konnectifi into our offering gives us a huge opportunity to better service our current retail and hospitality clients.

We look forward to working with Robin and his teams in 2014 and beyond as the market starts to realise the potential hidden within ‘Social WiFi’.”

KBR will celebrate its 30th year in business this year and Digitia is due to turn 4.

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