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18 Sep #FoodPorn: How to Instamarket your restaurant

#FoodPorn: How to Instamarket your restaurant

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in recent years; as of 2014, 16 billion photos have been uploaded, there are reported to be over 150 million users and more than 6700 photos are shared every second on this revolutionary app that has changed the way we digest information and turned everyone in the world into a photographer.

One of the most noticeable ways in which people are using Instagram, with the exception of the inimitable ‘selfie’, is to take artistically framed shots of the impossibly delicious-looking meal they are about to eat and share them, making their friends and the rest of the world undoubtedly envious.

This notion of #FoodPorn not only makes you wonder why we are all so interested in other people’s dinner, but could also be an extremely lucrative form of restaurant marketing.

Brands like Marks & Spencer’s are doing a fantastic job of inspiring food envy everywhere via their Instagram account; images like those below of not just food, but M&S food, have earned them over 55k followers and around 1,000 Likes per photo.

If you own a restaurant, setting up a branded Instagram account and posting simple images of your most appetising dishes is a marketing channel that can’t be ignored – the more customers can see what they’re going to get when eating in your restaurant and the more you can increase a sense of envy towards your food, the less empty tables you will see in your venue.

Instagram is a two-way street, though; not only can you post #FoodPorn images, but so can your customers. Installing WiFi in your restaurant that allows diners to get online easily during their meal significantly increases the chances of them sharing their meals and experience of your restaurant with their social network.

There is no better incentive for someone to visit your restaurant than a recommendation from a friend, and those who see a mouth-watering Instagram photo with your company name tagged in it are receiving a digital, visual recommendation that is sure to stick in their mind next time they decide where to eat.

You could even use WiFi to actively encourage Insta-marketing in your restaurant; with Konnectifi WiFi solutions, you have the ability to send direct alerts to diners’ mobiles, so why not make the most of it? Ask customers to share their meals, tag you or your hashtag in their photo, and then give 10% off their next visit for everyone who gets involved; this not only means you are increasing brand awareness by allowing your customers to market for you, but you are increasing diner loyalty and rewarding your existing customers.

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