Get Konnected with a ‘Digital Treasure Hunt’

23 Jun Get Konnected with a ‘Digital Treasure Hunt’

Imagine bringing huge numbers of your customers together in an exciting activity that simultaneously whisks them away to memories of their childhood whilst using the very latest in modern technology? Konnectifi have the answer: a Digital Treasure Hunt.

Using public WiFi and a concept called ‘geocaching’, anyone with internet access is able to take part in a real world, outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enable devices in order to track down a prize or reward hidden in a secret location.

We recently came across the new Great North East Digital Treasure Hunt, created by Catalyst, which will take place over 12 months with the chance to win a Nokia Smartphone. To take part, members simply answer a series of clues to discover GPS coordinates of well-known locations across the North East, and proceed to hunt down a golden ticket with details of how to claim their prize. Individuals and organisations can take part or even provide a prize, and winners are to be published in the North East Chamber of Commerce’s magazine and online bulletin.

Innovative, inclusive and most of all engaging, this is a brilliant way of using public WiFi to unite members of a community and create a sense of excitement around your business, whether it’s within a shopping centre, leisure centre or at an outdoors event.

Could you organise a digital treasure hunt?

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