How offering WiFi in your waiting room can transform your customers’ experience

Waiting Room

06 Aug How offering WiFi in your waiting room can transform your customers’ experience

In some workplaces, making customers wait just can’t be avoided. You only have so many workers and resources at your disposal and so need to leave some people in the waiting room before these employees and supplies are freed up.

However, for the customers themselves, frustration can too easily set in as they feel the seconds tick by in that waiting room. Fortunately, WiFi would let them occupy themselves more enjoyably.

Meet customers’ expectations for accessible WiFi

In many respects, offering WiFi isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential. This is because many consumers have come to expect the availability of such connectivity in a range of settings – including airports and dental practices. Your own firm’s waiting room should not be exempt from this list.

By putting both WiFi and its login details on ready display, you can incentivise customers to spend their time catching up on social media, replying to emails and doing other tasks to ease the delay.

Take account of the “instant gratification” culture

The speed with which customers can access products and services in the modern world has made these people less tolerant of waiting. For this reason, you could risk eroding your company’s hard-won positive reputation if you give customers too little to do in the waiting room.

These customers could become grumpier as they endure their forced wait. They might lack internet access until they return home, when they may register their displeasure on social media.

Complement the WiFi with a makeshift workplace

NewsOK reports that most professional customers are happy to work on the go – as long as the necessary resources are at their disposal. Therefore, as well as setting up WiFi for their ready use, you could add a small table, charging points and writing material to make a workspace of sorts.

With all of this in place, these customers would only need to open and start up their laptops before they could get to work and feel the time pass much more quickly.

Encourage positive word of mouth on social media

When your waiting customers do log into your WiFi network, they would be able to “check in” at this organisation on social media. In fact, you could encourage them to do so by offering an incentive such as a discount or free product.

At Konnectifi, we offer a guest WiFi solution through which you could collect a variety of customer data for fruitful use in highly customised marketing initiatives.

Calm patients’ nerves at a dental practice

In this kind of setting, patients often feeling uneasy during their stay in the waiting room. However, WiFi can assist in distracting their minds, says Furthermore, if you make that WiFi free, you will take away a reason for them to resist using it.

Our team at Konnectifi allow you to offer guest WiFi on a free or paid basis. You can see even more of the benefits if you book a free, 21-day trial of our WiFi solution that is well-suited to waiting rooms.