How Social WiFi is changing the face of outdoor events

01 Jul How Social WiFi is changing the face of outdoor events

We all know how frustrating it is to experience something amazing, but be unable to share it with anyone else. Have you ever tried to tweet or share a photo when at an outdoor concert or sporting event, but have been met with error messages and no internet connection? We have a solution.

Konnectifi is amongst the first to provide free WiFi for outdoor events, and we are official suppliers to national cycling competition The Tour of Britain. As the largest free-to-spectate event in the country, the availability of free WiFi at the Tour allows those watching and cheering the athletes on to share what they are seeing live from the race, bringing themselves and those in their network closer to the sport. As any event organiser will know, generating a buzz and sense of excitement around the next big date in your diary is vital for making the event a success, and ensuring free public WiFi is available is a simple, cost effective way to widen your audience and increase coverage and publicity.

Creating your own content to promote your event is important, but why not take advantage of the potential exposure that social media offers by allowing spectators or attendees to publish content for you?

Letting the public promote your event for you doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do; take time to invite influential bloggers or tweets to your event and ask them to provide real-time coverage, run a competition for the best photo taken at the event, and don’t forget to direct users to a specific social media platform or hashtag within your promotional material to create an online community and ensure the content is easy to find. This kind of online engagement would have been impossible at an outdoors event until very recently, and Konnectifi has a wide range of bespoke Social WiFi solutions to suit whatever your event requires.

Marketing is no longer a one-way street, and neither is an event; by providing spectators with the means they need to access an internet service which most people now expect as standard, you are allowing them to include everyone in their network in their experience, even if they aren’t actually present. Simply putting an advertisement out there and hoping for the best is no longer enough; by communicating directly with customers and creating a positive word-of-mouth relationship with your audience, you can increase your visibility and credibility, as well as potentially your profits.

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