Mobile Marketing through Hotel WiFi: The Guest Experience

27 Aug Mobile Marketing through Hotel WiFi: The Guest Experience

The availability of free WiFi is now almost expected by consumers across Britain, and never more so than when they are staying over at a hotel. For some, being able to connect to WiFi during their stay is a selling point of the hotel they choose, and one that you definitely need to advertise.

So, what if you could take the use of that free WiFi in your hotel one step further and make it work for you as well as your guest? With Konnectifi WiFi, you can. Here, we walk you through the guest experience of Konnectifi WiFi…

First Time Guests:

  1. Connect

The first step of anyone’s hotel stay is checking in. Upon arrival at your hotel, first time guests will receive a notification on their mobile asking if they would like to connect to the free WiFi your hotel is offering. By doing so, they would enter their name, email address and potentially phone number, as well as connecting via a social network such as Facebook.

  1. Engage

Once a guest is connected to your WiFi, you can start to engage with them, which is the essence of the benefit of Konnectifi WiFi and key to building relationships with your customers. For example, if you have a restaurant service available in your hotel and your guest is staying on their own overnight, you could let them know the menu for that day and what time it is available by sending an alert to their phone.

  1. Transact

If you engage with your guest in the right way with a message which is relevant to them, the chances of them making a transaction with you are massively increased. In our example, if the guest had no plans for their evening meal and finds your menu appealing, they could potentially make a booking at your restaurant; if you take this thinking and apply it to your whole hotel, you could see a huge boost in the usage of your hotel facilities and therefore profits. After their meal, you could also ask for a rating or review of their experience, giving you invaluable direct feedback that you can use for improving your services.


Guests Back at Home:

  1. Re-Connect

With Konnectifi WiFi, communication with your customer doesn’t have to end once they’ve finished their stay at your hotel; if they provided you with their email address when connecting to your WiFi, why not get back in touch with them a couple of weeks later? By sending an email thanking your guest for their stay, you are reminding them that you exist as well as showing that your business cares about its guest even when they’re no longer staying with you.

  1. Re-Engage

Once you’ve recaptured your customer’s attention, use the opportunity to further engage with them. You could offer them an exclusive discount or deal on their next stay, making them feel appreciated and giving them an incentive to book with your hotel again.

  1. Repeat Transaction

If you’ve engaged well with your customer, gave them a lucrative offer and if they enjoyed their hotel experience with you the first time round, this process of mobile marketing could potentially lead to the customer booking another visit to your hotel, or even recommending your business to someone else.


Konnectifi WiFi is not about gathering personal data about your guests, it’s about enabling you to communicate with them about information and offers which they find relevant and engaging, and using this to enhance their experience as well as your business.

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