On Your Tractor: Rural WiFi for the Tour de France

02 Jul On Your Tractor: Rural WiFi for the Tour de France

It may seem like a surprising combination, but tractors and technology are joining forces this summer to help bring wireless internet to the reams of expected spectators at the launch of the Tour de France in Yorkshire.

As the event begins at the Grand Depart in rural areas of Leeds on July 5th and 6th, two tractors will be technologically transformed into WiFi hotspots with a 500 metre radius, allowing fans of the Tour to gain internet access no matter how remote the route is.

The initiative came about as a result of a collaboration between the NFU, Massey Ferguson and satellite broadband company Avonline.

Richard Pearson, regional director of NFU, has said that “We are really excited about this project and we hope it will add to people’s enjoyment of what will be an amazing event.”

Wireless technology is advancing at a rapid speed and this kind of development signals the start of a WiFi revolution for outdoor events, which we at Konnectifi aim to be at the forefront of. If you are an events organiser looking to provide internet access for your attendees, we can go a step further with our Social WiFi systems; combining the power of social media and wireless internet, Social WiFi means you can give people the free WiFi they want and gain invaluable insight of your audience in return.

We want to bring people closer to the action, and our Konnectifi Social WiFi does this by allowing them to share their experience with their friends and potentially the rest of the world via social networking and other sharing platforms, bringing your event to the attention of a whole new audience. If a spectator logs into a Konnectifi Social WiFi system, you are able to analyse the information that provides to push out relevant, engaging marketing messages to help them make the most of their experience. Whether it’s letting them know that the race is about to start, keeping them updated on who’s in the lead or advertising your sponsors, communicating with your audience directly builds a relationship between you and them, as well as between them and the event.

So, whether you’re on your bike, on your tractor or on your mobile, you can get Konnected.

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