Tips for increasing Christmas sales in retail stores

Christmas shopping

03 Dec Tips for increasing Christmas sales in retail stores

The festive season has to be everyone’s favourite – and least favourite – time of the year. The run-up to Christmas creates a valuable boom for retail stores, undoubtedly providing the highest sales potential of the year. Many stores go to great lengths to make sure their profits are the best they can be at Christmas, and rightly so. With the nosedive month that January is, all companies should strive to maximise their profit potential throughout December.

Here at Konnectifi, we’ve put together five golden tips to help you to generate optimal revenue this Christmas.

  1. Give WiFi a try…

They say the best things in life are free, and in the eyes of a potential customer, that couldn’t be truer if that something is free WiFi. With such a large proportion of the population texting, tweeting and Instagramming round the clock, you can safely predict that free Wi-Fi will be popular with customers. If your store provides free WiFi, the customer will feel inclined to stay longer and therefore become more likely to make a purchase. Here at Konnectifi, we can help to get you connected.

  1. Deck the halls…

The public loves decorations. Why else would Christmas decorations in shopping centres and similar settings arrive earlier each year? This year, the Oxford Street Christmas light switch-on in London was held on 6th November, startlingly early for a Christmas event. Still, the crowds were drawn in, proving it’s never too early to start Christmas in your store. Well, maybe October is a bit early. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to go all-out in your shop with tinsel, trees and all of the usual Christmas additions.

  1. You’ll wish it could be Christmas everyday…

After decorating with pride, make sure you have a playlist that loops everyone’s favourite Christmas hits. By immersing your customers in the festive spirit, you can make it much more likely that they will end up doing a bit of much-needed Christmas shopping. Research has shown that when a customer experiences nostalgia, they are less worried about spending money. Press play on those Christmas classics of yesteryear and let the likes of Mariah Carey, Wizzard, Britney Spears and Bing Crosby deck your tills with their Christmas classics.

  1. Offer a gift wrapping service

Offering a gift wrapping service around the Christmas season is a great way to increase your profits. Provided you source inexpensive wrapping materials, you can be practically guaranteed an easy boost in profits when tired shoppers would rather pay to have their items gift-wrapped. Everyone loves Christmas, but hates the stressful build-up beforehand. Customers will appreciate stores alleviating that pressure however they can.

  1. Don’t forget about social media!

Social media is an ever-growing, very valuable platform for businesses that we can often take for granted in the world of selfies and likes. By promoting your business on social media, you can reach a broader audience outside the shop premises, which could easily help to increase the number of customers spending money with you this Christmas.