How can WiFi analytics transform your business?


05 Jun How can WiFi analytics transform your business?

As well-documented on our site and blog, offering free WiFi to your customers has various benefits. Even on the login page alone, you can advertise your company’s ongoing offers, while the availability of free Internet could encourage repeat visits.

In supplying this Internet connection to your customers, you can also receive something even more valuable in exchange: data about those customers. Here is why and how you should analyse it.

WiFi presents an opportunity, but also a potential dilemma

According to a survey mentioned by ITProPortal, WiFi availability in a store can influence a mobile consumer’s decision to shop there. Women could be especially attracted to using this WiFi to improve their in-store experience. However, you could learn disappointingly little about your customers if you allow them to access this WiFi by simply filling personal details into an online form.

This is because these customers might fear seeing a torrent of unwanted marketing messages enter their phone and email inboxes. Therefore, they could be incentivised to type false details into that form and so connect to your firm’s WiFi without you receiving accurate and reliable data in return.

A remedy for the risk of harvesting unreliable data

At Konnectifi, we allow you to set up guest access WiFi for your customers delightfully easily; no technical knowhow is necessary on your part. Furthermore, once everything is all set up, you can require customers to log in through our intuitive portal. Crucially, its interface will give customers the option of signing in using their social media account on Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Hence, when a customer logs into this portal, your company can safely, securely and legally receive not only their email address but also their age, gender and Facebook “likes”. This can all add up to a thorough and, vitally, accurate picture of the customer’s demographic and preferences.

You can have faith in the data, but what should you do with it?

If you have only recently started your business and seen promising earnings and revenues, keep in mind that this bright start could quickly fade. Many customers might decide against regularly returning to your business, leaving you with a business model that won’t stay sustainable.

One way in which you can help increase your likelihood of amassing repeated revenue is creating “buyer personas” from the data that you collect. Let’s assume that this use of WiFi analytics reveals your typical customer to be a female in their thirties who logs in using Facebook. You could react by running a Facebook campaign that targets people in this specific demographic.

This can help you to develop a more cost-effective promotional drive. If particular people keep returning, you could offer them special discounts and rewards, suggests Women on Business. This tactic could encourage these people to become even more loyal to your business.

It all starts with the implementation of Konnectifi WiFi in your business, so we would welcome you booking a 21-day free trial. You can reach us by phone on 0845 450 3427.