How offering WiFi can help guests leave glowing customer reviews


20 Apr How offering WiFi can help guests leave glowing customer reviews

Have you ever arrived at the physical base of a company or organisation, such as a hotel or dental practice, and looked for the WiFi hotspot… only to find that there isn’t one? Perhaps you are simply left to rely on your smartphone’s data connection, or the business does offer a WiFi hotspot that, nonetheless, you are unable to use unless you pay a dauntingly high fee.

The frustration of being left without a readily available Internet connection on-site could lead you to leave the premises and perhaps even post a negative review of that site on a customer reviews portal like TripAdvisor. However, offering WiFi can halt disgruntlement in your firm’s customers.

Say the word – word of mouth, that is

In your drive to spread positive publicity for your company, you mustn’t overlook the value of gushing customer reviews. This is because, when other people unconnected with your business speak on its behalf, flattering testimonials of their provision can foster word of mouth.

This shouldn’t be ignored, as word of mouth surpasses all other forms of advertising in effectiveness, the trivago Business Blog reminds us. However, it remains crucial that this word of mouth spreads favourable messages about your business; otherwise, you could have a reputation management challenge on your hands. You can cultivate the right reactions by going beyond guests’ expectations.

From WiFi to review…

When someone walks into a business building, they can feel as though they are entering a cold corporate world, where chasing tough targets for revenue and profit are the highest priorities for the business in question. For this reason, you can make a very positive impression on a customer if you employ a simple but heartfelt gesture showing how much you care about them.

This human touch can help to perceivably melt the icy shackles of this corporate world; however, any such gesture that you employ must remain genuine. In ensuring this, you can catch the attention of people who may then be driven to tell other people about their pleasant experience.

Of course, they could tell their story through casual, face-to-face interactions with friends and family. However, they might want to spread the message much further – and, if you offer them WiFi and thus they can already easily get online, they could plausibly decide to post on a reviews site.

Get your guests connected via Konnectifi

There are various technical means through which you can make WiFi available for your customers. A range of the options are outlined in a Guardian article; however, if a lack of technical knowledge on your part leads you to fear a struggle in setting up that WiFi, we can step in to help.

We can take this step by sending your business a dedicated Konnectifi router compatible with the WiFi and network infrastructure your company already has in place. You can book a free, 21-day trial of Konnectifi WiFi – the login interface of which you can customise to reflect your company’s own branding. Our website provides additional details.