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Of Konnectifi WiFi solutions.

Join The Konnectifi Reseller Programme

Become a reseller of Konnectifi and you can soon offer your clients a free guest WiFi solution that collects powerful marketing information, via a legally compliant platform, tailored to their business, which creates repeat custom and opens up new revenue streams.

About the Programme

Konnectifi WiFi is the future of internet connectivity and social marketing. It’s a WiFi solution that allows your clients (whether they be carehomes, hotels, restaurants, offices or other types of venues) to provide guest access WiFi to their visitors. There are other benefits too: your clients will be able to collect meaningful data about their visitors, they can market their services via the WiFi ‘splash page’, and they can even charge for access.

As an official Konnectifi partner, you can begin selling our WiFi solution right away with no financial obligations. We can support you by training you on our products, or we can join you at sales meetings to provide the technical expertise you need to support your clients. This is ideal for: IT Companies, Social Marketing Companies, Hotspot Providers, ISPs, Network Systems Providers, Wireless Specialists.

When you join the Konnectifi WiFi Reseller Partner Programme, you can immediately begin selling Konnectifi WiFi to your clients, without an upfront financial obligation. It is a mutually beneficial programme, whereby you can offer your clients a world class WiFi and social marketing solution, and we benefit from the solution being recognised in more locations.

We will work with you to explain the benefits to your existing clients, and new clients and we’ll provide you with a range of materials you can use, including downloads, email templates and more – rebranded to suit your company branding.

What are the Benefits?

Add more value to your clients by turning their WiFi into a new revenue stream

Enjoy marketing and technical support from Konnectifi, for you and your customers

Unlimited earnings on the monthly amount - you set the rate!

Launch a co-branded solution

We only charge based on how much you sell - no hidden fees

Free demo license included

Discounted router and service rates (volume orders)

Established sales process and supporting materials

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Want to try it out?

Take us up on our free 21 day trial offer

We always offer a no obligation, free 21 day trial of Konnectifi to all businesses so you can try the solution before you buy. We will simply post the equipment out to you fully configured and if you are happy you simply keep the equipment. If you feel as though Konnectifi has not worked for you or your business, then you simply pay for the shipping back to us.


Konnectifi WiFi is priced competitively. At Konnectifi, we enable you to pay monthly for your subscription and because you’re able to market to your customers using the data you collect, it quickly pays for itself and helps retain customers rather than spending needlessly on expensive advertising campaigns.

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