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It’s quite common for establishments like bars and restaurants to offer their guests free Wi-Fi, but what about retailers? When you imagine the likes of supermarkets, clothing stores, and bookshops, it’s easy to ask yourself: ‘Why would my guests want free Wi-Fi when they’re busy actively doing something?’

Well, it’s no secret that we have become a society that appears unable to function without a phone in our back pocket, or gripped in our hand, regardless of the activity we’re pursuing. A recent survey has shown that more than 90% of consumers now use their smartphone while shopping in-store.

The customer’s opinion of your store is very important, as how they perceive it determines how long they’ll stay for and if they’ll ever return again. Customers are much more likely to positively rate your store because you offer free Wi-Fi, especially when taking into consideration the fact that not many other retailers have clocked onto this yet.

Social media has become an imperative part of society, and a lot of people find it necessary to update almost every moment of their life, every day. As a customer roams your store, it’s quite likely that they’ll want to enjoy free Wi-Fi as they do so, to let their friends and followers know what they’re up to.

Nearly half the respondents to the survey expressed that they also find it crucial to use in-store Wi-Fi to compare prices, read product reviews, and browse deals. Although this may seem initially scary when imagining they could find information that they don’t like and turn to a competitor, this isn’t the case. Embracing Wi-Fi in your store is the way forward and will only bring success in the long run.

Free in-store Wi-Fi also welcomes wonderful marketing opportunities, which is arguably the most important reason to provide such a service. Capturing consumer data allows you to retarget customers once they have left your store. To access free Wi-Fi, it’s often a requirement to log in via a social media page or enter an email address in exchange for the service. This will enable your business to contact your guests with related promotions or offers, making it just that little bit more likely that they’ll return again to spend even more money.

As well as information on individual customers, this process also gives you the opportunity to look at everything in a wider sense. You will gain valuable customer data such as demographic information and the length of time in which people remained in your store. This will help you grasp a better understanding of exactly who is walking through your doors, and from there you’ll be able to tailor certain parts of your business to meet the relevant consumer demands, which will, in turn, increase your success.