How a reliable WiFi connection can make all the difference to customer experience at your gym


14 Sep How a reliable WiFi connection can make all the difference to customer experience at your gym

Gyms have become much more than simple fitness centres in today’s society. They act as social hubs in which friends can chat, listen to music and relax, as well as exercise. In order to provide your customers with the best possible gym experience, it is essential that you offer a reliable WiFi connection. Society has been conquered by the age of technology, with most cafes, restaurants and bars offering free WiFi – so why should gyms be any different? Just like the aforementioned social spaces, your gym is a place where your customer has chosen, and is paying, to spend their time in. In order to compete with the vast majority of gyms that do provide WiFi for their customers, and to maintain the reputation of gyms as fast-paced, innovative environments, it is important to offer a dependable WiFi service to your customers.

Research has proven that many people actually base their choice of gym on whether they provide a reliable WiFi service or not. Customers enjoy listening to spotify music for motivation and entertainment as they workout at the gym. Indeed, many gym-goers create spotify workout playlists for this very purpose. However, without WiFi, many customers are forced to forgo listening to spotify, which leaves them feeling unmotivated and frustrated, and can lead to them having a negative gym experience and taking their business elsewhere.

There are many fitness apps on the market that allow users to track their fitness levels and help them to stay motivated while achieving their fitness goals. However, these fitness apps require a good WiFi connection in order to work effectively. A lack of WiFi connection can therefore act as a serious detriment to a gym-goer’s workout experience.

The average gym-goer also requires WiFi for their pre and post-workout activities. Whether its checking their facebook messenger to see if friends are on their way to meet them, or looking at their online diaries to check their availability in order to book fitness classes, WiFi is an essential tool for the gym-goers of today. Because many customers workout before work or during their lunch breaks, they also require constant access to their emails while they are away from their desks. If customers are unable to carry out these essential activities, they are likely to look for a gym which provides them with the WiFi service that will allow them to stay social and connected.

In the ferociously competitive market of fitness, you must make an effort to cater to your customer’s needs and desires. Many view a gym membership as a luxury and so it is essential that you provide customers with an experience that matches this, and in the digital age of today, that must include a reliable WiFi connection.

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