How to boost your digital marketing strategy in 2018

How to boost your digital marketing strategy in 2018

01 Feb How to boost your digital marketing strategy in 2018

With the New Year comes the opportunity to review your digital marketing strategy and seek areas to boost your online productivity and return on investment.

Whether your resolution is to cut costs, increase profits or expand your organisation, a revised digital marketing strategy can help address all three.

To maximize your marketing results, your business should consider implementing a multi-channel strategy to produce a more effective and results driven campaign.

For every business, connecting and engaging with your target audience is crucial for growth and success, so it is important that you adopt this approach as soon as possible, with the New Year providing the perfect blank canvas.

With Konnectifi, our in depth analytics and data allow you to capture key information about your consumers which you can then integrate within your current marketing strategy.

By utilizing the information captured from your customers you can in turn boost their user experience by rewarding them with vouchers on their Birthday and other special occasions. Such gestures can significantly help build a rapport with your visitors and form lasting customer relationships, increasing the likelihood that they might return.

Nowadays, in certain industries, focusing your digital marketing around mobile and social efforts can be most effective.

With Konnectifi, in addition to in depth analytics, you can opt to have your visitors like your Facebook page giving your social media presence an extra boost to reach more potential customers. More likes on channels such as Facebook, also allow you to capture a greater, more detailed range of analytics for a comprehensive social media solution.

Currently, those with greater than 100 likes on the platform benefit from additional insights such as the peak times your followers are online and how your competitors pages are performing, both of which are key for optimising your reach and engagement.

Due to the ever changing nature of digital marketing it is important to be fluent with your strategy and be prepared to adapt your technique as often as necessary to keep up with the competition.

If you fall within one of the following categories; Gym’s, Hotels, Restaurant’s, Car Showroom’s, Universities or Retail establishments, it is especially important to collect as much customer data as possible at every opportunity as it is key to be able to piece together which people visit your premises and why.

With Konnectifi not only can you form a greater insight into the demographic of your customers, you can also utilize such information to increase your sales by targeted marketing campaigns.