Are digital concept stores the future of our high street?

27 Aug Are digital concept stores the future of our high street?

You may have heard the recent news that the Post Office has taken inspiration from the likes of Apple and Argos, and have opened their design lab to launch a ‘digital concept store’. Complete with free in-house WiFi and digital iPad screens rather than a traditional counter, this innovation in how we shop is a way for the brand to show it can keep up with consumers’ digital obsession and make the user experience as convenient as possible. Elements of the ‘digital concept store’ have already been rolled out to 2,500 Post Office branches across the country, with the first fully complete version due for completion within six months.

Designed to make the Post Office a 24 hour service that customers can access at any time, the store contains digital aspects such as a government services area powered by tablets to simplify the process of applying for licenses, self-service parcel drop off points to speed up sending your post, and financial service booths that allow you to chat to an expert via video call.

There’s also a multitude of screens for customers to interact with in order to explore the Post Office’s services and products, from a feature wall to showcase adverts, product information and social media streams to ‘roaming’ staff carrying tablets around with them.

This combination of a physical store with digital technology could well be a sign of changes to come on our high streets and in our shopping centres.

Today’s consumers crave speedy access to information, the ability to explore a system themselves rather than have a pushy sales assistant talk them through it, and to have access to everything a company provides at their fingertips. It is clear to see that access to WiFi is vital for achieving this, and without a quality system, the whole concept of the store would not be feasible.

The ‘Internet of Things’ is fast becoming a reality, based on the idea of the internet becoming as much of an integral part of our lives as electricity, and business owners may have to start considering providing free WiFi for customers in their premises as just as important as providing the product or service itself.

Is your business keeping up with these rapid digital changes?

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