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27 Oct Why a great digital competition could increase your footfall

It can be hard to think of innovative ways to engage your guests online, particularly in a digital world where so much is possible, but taking the time to develop a strong digital competition that people get drawn into and actually want to enter is a fantastic way to raise brand awareness, get people excited about your restaurant or bar and ultimately, increase footfall and therefore profits.

Running low on inspiration? Here’s some competition ideas designed to suit certain social networks:


Facebook is renowned as one of the most difficult platforms for businesses to engage with customers as we consider our News Feed to be restricted to personal interests, but there are ways to spread the word; one of the most increasingly popular ways to get your content to reach people on Facebook is through the medium of videos.

Now that videos play automatically as we scroll through the latest updates, and it is easier for content to go viral than ever before thanks to us seeing everything our friends have ever shared, there is a huge opportunity to get your brand seen by a large number of people. Create a short, snappy, real-life video that makes people laugh, cry or just feel something, and boost it to your fans asking them to Like or Share for a certain prize or reward: you’ll see your number of fans increase as well as the interest in your restaurant.


On Twitter, it’s all about the hashtag. Once just a simple piece of punctuation, the hashtag has now become an integral part of our everyday language and way of communicating online. In terms of a competition idea for a restaurant or bar, challenge your guests to take a picture whilst in your establishment and tweet them to you using a designated hashtag in order to receive a discount off their next visit – not only will you receive fantastic, authentic customer images to share on your own platforms, but you can easily see all of the competition entries in one place and pick a winner!


There is a whole host of brands using Instagram as a way of engaging their customers; one of the fastest growing networks in terms of popularity and users, it’s simple premise of sharing images is a great way to get your brand seen and promote a competition in a visual way. There’s a number of approaches to an Instagram competition; as with Twitter, you could ask users to take a photo and tag you or your hashtag in it. Alternatively, you could post a graphic and ask your audience to share or ‘regram’ it in order to enter, meaning you have more control over the content people are seeing. Instagram could also allow you to be a little more creative and deliver a competition over a longer period of time; an idea like a 30 day challenge, where entrants post a picture each day, or asking them to tell you a story in 5 images, are trickier to encourage people to get involved in but much more rewarding when they do.

To pull off a competition like these, installing WiFi in your venue is vital; without WiFi, guests may not even be aware of the incentive you’re offering, never mind have the chance to enter. With a system like Konnectifi WiFi, you can not only enable your guests to share their experience whilst in your restaurant, bar or café, but can use the WiFi to promote the competition itself through push and email marketing.

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