Mobile Marketing

06 Oct How to use mobile marketing to your advantage

Digital marketing is on the precipice of a revolution; the industry has transformed so rapidly that even experts in the field are struggling to predict what will happen next.

One thing we do know, however, is that more and more customers are interacting with brands via mobile technology, and that devising innovative ways to communicate with people through the little screen in their pocket will be key to your business keeping up with the change.

Though the number of ways that we can harness the power of mobile marketing seem endless, there are 4 factors which drive us the most to turn to our tablets or smartphones for information; considering how you can use these to put your business in front of people is key to succeeding in mobile marketing.

Factor 1: Time

In a digital age where time is of the essence and we’ve all forgotten how to wait patiently for something, the less time we have, the more likely we are to use our mobiles. You need to consider that when someone visits your website on their mobile, there is a good chance they’re in a hurry; that’s why you need to make calls to action and the mobile user journey through your website, social platforms or app as simple or efficient as possible.

Factor 2: Goals

It’s tricky to know exactly what your customers are trying to accomplish when they’re using their mobile; however, mobiles are being used more and more as a starting point for a sale or transaction. People tend to use their mobiles as the first step on their path to purchase something by researching into whether your business is the right one to choose. Therefore, you need to make sure your website is mobile responsive and products/services are easily accessible, and complete with all the vital information mobile customers need to make a decision.

Factor 3: Location

If you were at your desk with your laptop in front of you, it’s unlikely you would decide to surf the internet on your mobile. Location and the inability to access another device are often a factor in provoking people to use their mobiles, and WiFi is key to this. Whether you own a restaurant, run a bar or are the manager of a hotel, you need to provide your guests with the internet access they crave in order to communicate them on their mobile. To find out more about the benefits of our WiFi systems, click here.

Factor 4: Attitude

We can all sympathise with the urge to have a browse on our phones when waiting in a queue or stuck in a lift, and the cause of this comes down to one thing; boredom. Our phones are not just a source of communication, but one of entertainment, so your business needs to think of a way to engage and interest potential customers in order to build a relationship and eventually drive sales; videos, images and content are a huge part of this.

What makes you use a mobile device to search the internet, scroll through social media, or investigate a potential purchase?

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