Why free Wi-Fi can boost your profits

Why free Wi-Fi can boost your profits

20 Nov Why free Wi-Fi can boost your profits

More and more businesses are beginning to offer their customers free Wi-Fi, bringing benefits not only to their customers but also to themselves. Providing free Wi-Fi allows you to stay competitive in an age when your customers are beginning to expect it. You will gain customer loyalty but also increase your sales, and here’s why.

More customers

You’ve made a website for your business, utilised social media to spread the word and have put up a physical sign down the street to attract more customers, but how else can you advertise your business? Investing in free Wi-Fi really will draw in more customers.

Advertising your free Wi-Fi online and on physical signs will certainly help bring in new customers, but you will also draw in more people by simply having a visible network. Internet users in the area will see your Wi-Fi network when they are searching, and you can brand your Wi-Fi name, so people know it belongs to your business.

You will undoubtedly attract new customers as your spread awareness of your free Wi-Fi, and therefore, you’ll draw in customers who are out alone. This is because, sitting alone in a café can feel slightly awkward to some people, but they are more likely to do so if they have access to free Wi-Fi.

According to the Telegraph, more and more people are eating out alone. If you give them the opportunity to do work, check their emails, flick through social media and catch up with friends, without using up their data, you remove the stigma of sitting or dining alone and open your business to another audience.

Spend more time on your premises

Once you’ve successfully drawn in more customers, they are more likely to spend longer on your premises if they have access to free Wi-Fi. This is because you have given them the opportunity to fill in their time replying to emails and catching up with friends online. However, they will not just be taking up space on your premises, but they will undoubtedly spend more money.

You are also offering a better experience for your customers, and by offering better customer service, your customers are more likely to give you a better review on sites such as TripAdvisor. With over 570 million reviews on the website, reviews really can make a difference to your business.


When you use our Wi-Fi service, we give you the ability to create a landing page. This gives you’re the opportunity to tell your customers about your latest offers and deals.

You are also giving your customers the opportunity provide you with some free marketing by offering them free Wi-Fi. This is because, they are able to access social media on your premises so are more likely to ‘check-in’ at your business and share photos of their meals and drinks, for example.

Meet customer expectations

In 2017, your customers are beginning to expect free Wi-Fi, and it is not unusual for customers to leave if they don’t have access to the internet.

Libraries, cafes, restaurants, hotels and public transport now offer free Wi-Fi, so by investing in Wi-Fi for your customers, you are giving your business the opportunity to compete in the market. It can also give you an advantage over competitors who are not offering it.

Customer tracking

Finally, it is not just your customers who benefit from free Wi-Fi, but you do, too. You can set up your site as the landing page of your Wi-Fi, and advertise your business further.

You can also accumulate customer data, using a login page, and target advertisements directly to your customers’ devices.

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