How to align marketing channels with social wifi

23 Oct How to align each of your marketing platforms

In order for your sales and marketing strategies to work most effectively, they need to work together across all platforms; that means that your website, emails, social media, sales calls and any company materials all need to be saying the same thing in order to pull off their purpose of driving sales and increasing revenue.

Step 1: Set your objectives

Defining the outcome you want from a marketing campaign is vital for its success. What you want to achieve will influence what you say, how you say it and who you’re saying it to, so evaluate your products, decide what sells and set yourself realistic targets.

Step 2: Define your message

Every tweet you post, every email you send, every marketing message that you publish is a chance to communicate with your target audience, so ensure that what you’re saying is consistent every time. The more consistent you are, the stronger the message will be and the easier it will be for potential guests or customers to understand your business and why they should spend money with you.

Step 3: Create your look

One of the most obvious (and most effective) ways of aligning your marketing platforms is by giving everything the same visual ‘feel’. Whether it’s corporate, high end, modern or family oriented, using the same colours and imagery across every piece of your marketing material is essential for pulling off Steps 1 and 2 as well as strengthening your brand.

How can Konnectifi help you achieve this?

We deliver bespoke wireless systems that have the capability to enhance your marketing strategy by providing you with a mobile platform to reach your audience; not only are the selling opportunities endless, but every time a guest logs in to your WiFi, they are greeted with a landing page that is completely branded and tailored to your company.

It may seem small, but making details like this bespoke to your brand is all part of bringing your marketing strategy together and making it as effective as possible.

To find out more about what Konnectifi WiFi can do for you, contact us on today.