Tailor your marketing

16 Oct How tailoring your promotions can drive more customers

Ever noticed that your restaurant, café or bar is significantly less busy on Wednesdays than it is on Thursdays? Tend to see a dip around the 11am and 3pm mark of the day?

It would be challenging to ensure your establishment was fully booked all day, every day, but having a think about the promotions you offer and who your target audience is could make a considerable difference to the money in the till on those quiet days, and help enhance your overall marketing strategy to see an increase in profits.

Here’s a few ideas:

Quiet on a weekday? Reach out to students

It’s inevitable to see a boost in guests at the weekend, but that doesn’t mean you have to just ‘get by’ during the rest of the week. Students love a good deal and they tend to have more inclination (and free time) during the week, so why not offer a student discount they can’t refuse from Monday to Thursday?

Have one bestselling menu option? Make the most of it

When you have one product that stands out from the rest in terms of sales and profits, you have two options; either come up with a way to make the rest of your offering more popular, or listen to your customers and give them what they want in an even more appealing way. Always run out of burgers on a Saturday night? Buy more in and take 20% off – you’ll keep on selling and encourage diners to come back for more of their favourite next week too.

Not serving your ideal customer? Make them feel special

If your business is becoming restricted because of the variety of your customers, then create a promotion that makes the people you want to reach out to feel more inclined to spend their money with you. For example, if you’re going for a romantic feel to your restaurant but only ever seem to attract birthday parties, maybe you could develop a special ‘couples menu’ or a meal deal for two?

The key to tailoring your promotions to drive more sales is to think about who you want your customers to be, what they want, and how you can offer it to them.

Once you have your groundbreaking idea, you need to start spreading the word. Push marketing is an extremely powerful way of sharing your latest offers, deals and promotions, and installing WiFi in your venue is vital for making it happen. To find out more about how to use your WiFi to make more money, and what our solutions can do for you, contact us on hello@konnectifi.com today.